Annexin Pharmaceuticals AB (publ) was established in 2014. The Company’s development programme is based on an earlier discovery by Professor Johan Frostegård and Dr. Anna Frostegård at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Anna and Johan worked with Annexin A5 and in 2004 found that it had an effect on the inflammatory component in connection with experimental atherosclerosis in blood vessels. They proposed that Annexin A5 could be developed as a treatment for atherosclerosis.

In 2005, Athera Biotechnologies AB (part of Karolinska Development) purchased the project and invested substantially in research and development of Annexin A5 and development of the production process. The company also began creating a patent portfolio.

The rights to the Annexin A5 project were owned by Athera Biotechnologies AB up until 2013, during which time the programme focused on preclinical research and development in major cardiovascular diseases. In 2013, the main owner decided to sell the project for strategic reasons. This gave Medirista AB (owned by Johan and Anna Frostegård) the opportunity to acquire the rights, including 4 patent families.