ANXV in vascular disease


Annexin’s drug candidate ANXV is a recombinant human Annexin A5. It is in development for intravenous administration in patients with acute vascular diseases, where ANXV is expected to improve the body’s own ability to protect and repair blood vessels.

The current state-of-the art indicates that Annexin A5 is a part of an inherent, evolutionary conserved, inflammation resolution and repair programme in the vasculature. Depletion of Annexin A5 is linked with ageing and cardiovascular disease.

In preclinical studies, multiple effects of Annexin A5 are thought to be mediated mainly via binding to several anionic phospholipid danger-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) on the outer membranes.

Based on the preclinical studies, it is postulated that the ANXV systemic treatment (a substitution therapy) in acute conditions could provide clinical benefits by providing instantaneous protection and repair on the level of cardiomyocytes/vessel wall and via long-term disease-modifying effects on the level of immunocompetent cells.

Treatment rationale is to administer ANXV throughout the duration of acute damage cascade with either excessive DAMPs production or decreased ANXA5 availability/ depletion.

We believe that ANXV has a potential to be First-In-Class for several patient groups where there is a high unmet medical need.